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Benchmark Studios
64085 Quail Springs Road
P.O. Box 980
Joshua Tree, CA 92252
PHONE: 714.630.7965
FAX: 714.666.2586




Benchmark Studios, established in Anaheim in 1969, is owned by Brian Rennie, the founder. We provide the following advertsing production services to businesses in Orange County, Coachella Valley and Morongo Basin.

Website Design and Development

Video Production (digital video shooting and editing)

Graphic Design (logos, brochures, catalogs, ads, vehicle wraps, tradeshow booth exhibits)

Commercial Photography (product, architectural, aerial, executive portraits & more)

Over the years our clients have included OCTA, Rockwell, Alcoa, Del Taco, Burger King, JC Penney, Krystal Enterprises, Beckman Instruments, BE Aerospace, Disney Studios, and California Overnight/On Trac as well as many manufacturers, numerouse public relations agencies and photography of celebrities.

Our state-of-the-art capabilities include website design and development, digital video production (video shooting and editing), graphic design for brochures, ads, vehicle wraps & tradeshow booth exhibits, and commercial photography. Our digital expertise includes photo retouching services, color correction and the ability to combine images into a photo composition.
In addition, Brian Rennie, a photographer and the owner of Benchmark Studios, is an experienced pilot and owns 2 aircraft.  He holds an ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) certificate, CFII (Certified Flight Instructor –Instrument) and MEI (Multi-engine Instructor). These planes are available for aerial photography as well as traveling to job sites more efficiently.  For example, Monterey (2hrs), Stockton (2.5 hr.); this allows for quick trips for areas not as easily accessed by commercial aircraft.  For Morgan Stanley of New York, we shot 6 locations within California in 1 day.  These ranged from Napa to Bakersfield.
Benchmark is on the “cutting edge” with state of the art facilities and equipment and the people that know what is needed, whether it is for a brochure, a video for web or high definition, or a website from the ground up.  We do all the work in-house, which eliminates finger pointing and keeps all your work at one location.

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